Over two years ago, I deleted my blog, left Facebook, and removed my profile from other sites as well. Some might say I disappeared like the Cheshire cat. So I was surprised when I heard the word “reemergence” as I prayed about this New Year.

I looked up reemergence on Word Hippo as I sat with the word before God. Here are just a few synonyms on the long list of related words. “Reappearance, comeback, revival, return, reoccurrence, restore, reestablish, coming back, redo, renewal.”

Over the past two years, I’ve quietly facilitated spiritual formation groups on “Living Light-Living Life” on Mighty Networks, practiced my writing, and decluttered and simplified my life. I’ve also learned more about the Enneagram. I’m a Five. You know, the type who avoids people, becomes a recluse and prefers solitude. Yep. That’s me.

Then I found this image of beautiful purple flowers pushing through deep snow. Holy Spirit got my attention. “It’s time to come back, Cindy.”

My next prayer felt more like an argument. “Wait! God, you want me to reemerge, to come back, to reappear?” The Cheshire cat grinned, closed his eyes and disappeared again. Ah, the challenges of being both an introvert and a Five on the Enneagram. Despite my natural tendency to prefer solitude and hiddenness, my deeper desire is to follow God’s leading.

So, here I am. I’ve reappeared in your inbox and I’ll be writing articles again. I promise not to stuff your inbox. I’ll write about spiritual growth, living a simple life, spiritual direction, writing, and life in general. Who knows?

The Cheshire cat grins—maybe you’ll see me here again soon.

Thanks for reading,

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