Oatmeal Prayers

A bowl of oatmeal with bananas and strawberries on top by Josh Pollock is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

Oatmeal Prayers

I sat at the table, jaw locked, arms crossed. I would not eat that oatmeal. The orphanage served oatmeal every morning. I announced. “I will sit here ALL day before I eat that yucky, sticky oatmeal!” Glaring down at me, they growled. “You may not leave this table until you eat your oatmeal!” After a whole day of sitting at that table refusing to eat anything, they gave up and let me leave the table and the bowl of cold, sticky oatmeal, too. I suspect that one incident when I was three or four years old, shaped my stubbornness for many years to come.

That memory wandered through my mind this week as I stood at my stove cooking oatmeal. I wonder how many of those orphanage workers turned over in their graves, knowing I finally ate my oatmeal. Hey, it only took me sixty-five years!  

Then something else happened. I prayed over the oatmeal that took just five minutes to prepare. As I stirred, I prayed for the farmers who grew the oats, the factory workers who prepared the packages, the delivery people, and store owners and workers. I prayed for all those who did not have the luxury of food on the table, and for those who are hungry, and people who must prepare their food over a fire outside instead of on a stove in a warm indoor kitchen. I prayed for the people I would see during the day and for the energy God gave me through the nourishment I would receive. I also prayed for every little stubborn child sitting at a table in a children’s home or foster home, refusing to eat their oatmeal.

Oatmeal Prayers.

It is amazing how many prayers one can pray in just five minutes.

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