Prayer is Powerful

(photo by moein rezaalizade on Unsplash)

The devastating earthquake in Turkey tears my heart. It’s difficult to watch the news, yet I see compassion and our world become smaller when even Turkey’s enemies send aid in this disaster.

You may feel powerless amid such devastation, but I am reminded that prayer is powerful. People say they can’t do much, or “all I can do is pray.” Prayer is powerful! We can pray for those who are suffering, for the rescue teams arriving from many countries, and for God’s healing and comfort throughout this crisis. What is it that God is praying? What do you see in your spirit? Pray into that.

We may not know the people we are praying for, but as God’s Spirit moves, lives, and breathes in us—we can join Holy Spirit in prayer. Intercession is critical to the Kingdom of God. We co-labor with God to heal and strengthen our brothers and sisters around the world and yes—even take part in miracles!  

9 responses to “Prayer is Powerful”

  1. Hi I found this phrase hard to understand. Not sure what I am missing

    What is it that God is praying? What do you see in your spirit? Pray into that.

    You write so clearly it seems … unlike you 😊


    • Hi Sandra – I moved my original post to next week as I wanted to address what was most pressing…the devastation in Turkey and Syria. For me, images are frequent in my prayers, so I try to encourage others to pay attention to this way of God speaking if they have not done so in the past. Here’s an example if it helps. As I was praying for those suffering in this earthquake, I saw an image in my mind of a small hill, with soil or red clay falling. I immediately sensed in my spirit people standing on this “hill” and felt a strong sense in my spirit to pray for those on top of the hill and then sensed that I was praying for the rescue workers. It was a small thing (in the vast devastation) but at that moment I sensed Holy Spirit nudging me to pray for those rescue workers and their safety on top of that “hill.” I hope this helps.


  2. Thank you for your true, compassionate words and powerful photo. Turkey is close to my heart. I have a Muslim sister in Istanbul.
    Turn many places this morning as I just got news a dear 70 year old friend had a brain bleed this morning with little time life on earth.
    Am reminded. “When you lay me down to die, you lay me down to live.
    All this sorrow while I am packing to leave the the US for 16 days to go forth in joy… am asking for the next peace.. to be lead forth in peace.
    Peace for Turkey/Syria, peace for Debra and those that love her, peace for me as I journey into the unknown.

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