Lent and Recalibration

ash cross on forehead

            Photo by Ahna Ziegler on Unspalsh

The season of Lent includes the 40 (actually 45) days prior to Easter. During this time, Christians around the world recalibrate and focus on cleaning up their act. 1 John 2:6 says, “Those who say they live in God should live their lives as Jesus did.” (NLT)

            What does it mean to live as Jesus did? Well, to me it means living and “re-presenting” Jesus Christ in our world today. In order to do that, I need to look back and assess where I’ve missed the mark and turn around and go in a new direction. Self-assessment before God and turning around occur during the time of Lent. As true Christians, (little Christs) we are not to alienate people from Jesus, we are to draw them near. The Gospel is full of admonitions and encouragement to not be of the world, even though we are in the world. Lent gives us an opportunity to live our Christian faith in better ways. It is—a time to recalibrate our Christian faith.

How am I recalibrating during Lent?

  • I’m spending less time on social media. I confess that social media became an idol, and I needed to let it go. I got rid of my Facebook and Instagram accounts, and I no longer accept pressure from people to add this app or set up a Twitter feed or… or… well, you get my point.
  • I’m decluttering my life and home. I don’t want or need things in my life. Because of that, I’m shopping less and giving donations to local thrift stores or groups that can use the items directly (battered women’s shelters, homeless shelters, etc.)
  • My days are “book-ended” (my word for it). I begin the day with prayer and God’s Word. I no longer pick up my phone first. I pick up my Bible and my journal first. (This change is a work in progress.) I end the day with a cup of tea and a conversation with the hubby, and we check in with each other and ask what God is speaking to us and what we are focusing on spiritually.
  • There is so much to be thankful for and complaining less and sharing gratitude more helps remove the temptation to fall back into the muck of previous years.  
  • In between the “book-ends” of my days, I write, spend time with family, attend my spiritual formation groups and online church, pray, read, and offer spiritual direction.

            Life is good even when it’s not—because I’m turning around and connecting with people and groups aligned with God’s true heart.

            Lent is a time of letting go, of dropping the dross we carry. Lent begins the journey toward the cross, resurrection, and—new life. How about you? What dross do you want God to remove during Lent? What idols do you want to let go of?

If you would like to join a Spiritual Formation group, go HERE.

Edited and republished from my previous blog in 2021

4 responses to “Lent and Recalibration”

  1. My practice is very simple this Lent. I started attending church again. After moving to a new location, I’ve been finding this difficult but I’m committed to going every Sunday through Easter and by then I hope to have connected enough that I can consider it my spiritual home again. I surprised myself by joining coffee hour last week and actually meeting some people!


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