Love Note

The beautiful weather in California spoiled us until fourteen atmospheric rivers sent by the weather gods pounded our state. Grateful for a momentary break in the storm, I reveled in the splash of blue sky. The leaf dangling in the open space between limbs on my lemon tree felt like a love note from God. How did it form into a perfect heart? I knew instantly—caterpillars! Francois Fenelon’s wise words from The Seeking Heart came to mind. “As for being disappointed in others, you must learn not to expect so much from people. It is the only way to avoid disappointment. You must take the fruit that a tree bears—but remember that some trees only put out leaves and caterpillars.”

My spiritual formation practice is teaching me that God’s love fills our hearts so that we can love others. I don’t know about you, but I am not capable on my own of loving people who are not so lovable; Holy Spirit needs to do that for me. God is pointing out my thorns yet reminding me that I am loved—despite my failures, short-falls, and stumbling along the spiritual path.

I can almost see the wry smile on Jesus’ face as He winks and whispers, “Even caterpillars deliver love notes and eventually become butterflies.”

Maybe there’s hope for me yet!

Have you discovered a love note from God recently? If so, please share a photo in the comments below.

3 responses to “Love Note”

  1. And caterpillars are fuzzy too!
    I’m not sure how to include a photo in a comment but my recent love note from God was discovering I have crocuses growing in my yard! YIPPEE!!


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