No Road Map

the words start and sure

Our oldest granddaughter leaped from circle to circle on our patio moving like a graceful gazelle. She and her sister used colorful chalk to create a road map then jumped and giggled as they followed the map. Of course, sibling rivalry began as big sister decreed. “You can’t jump inside my circles!” Un-phased, her free-spirited, “messy hair don’t care” younger sister selected her favorite colored chalk and announced. “Ok, I will draw squares and you can’t jump inside my squares.” They agreed on the compromise and continued leaping and laughing as they traveled their colorful road map.

The next morning, rain fell as I sipped my coffee and watched Mystic, our visiting cat, eat her breakfast near the patio door. Rain washed away the roadmap, but then I noticed the word “Start!”

I’ve learned much about Visio Divina from my author friend and spiritual companion, Therese Kay. Her books on Visio Divina teach how to listen to God speak through images. It is through that practice, and my granddaughter’s words, that Holy Spirit reminded me of the faith of Abram. “The Lord had said to Abram, Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you.” Genesis 12:1 (NLT)

Sometimes I pray and wait (and wait and pray) yet, nothing happens. Often, in my need for comfort and control, I become frozen because I don’t (yet) have a road map.

God spoke to my heart. “Cindy, I did not say to Abraham, ‘Go to this exact town where these specific people will help you.’ And Jesus didn’t tell His disciples every reason for moving to the next village. He just said, ‘Follow Me.’ Abraham and the disciples stepped out in faith.”

Rainbow colored circles and squares melted away after more spring rain. I had asked our granddaughter if she could please use the bubble wand farther out on the patio so we could watch their fun, rather than be slathered in exploding soap bubbles. Happy to oblige, she picked up a piece of chalk and wrote the word “Sure.” Amazingly, that was the single remaining word on our patio.

And God whispered again. “You’ve already started the journey. Will you continue to follow—even without a road map?”


6 responses to “No Road Map”

  1. My roadmap got washed away too! I’m trying daily to say “sure” anyways. It’s not easy and I struggle with fear but I’m stepping out anyways.


  2. I’ve never been able to follow maps as nothing seems to come out as planned, so seems right to say sure and keep going.


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