One Ladybug

Temperatures dropped and I needed to cover our plants before the freeze. Shuddering in the arctic wind, I pulled my jacket tight as I placed blankets over our delicate clematis, wisteria, and azalea plants. Then I saw one tiny ladybug. It’s unusual to see ladybugs in our yard in January, but there it was chomping away on tiny pests in our chrysanthemums.

Ladybugs control pests through natural predation. Aphids are tiny pests that suck the sap from vegetables, fruits, flowers, and trees. They take away the plant’s nutrients and they can even give the plant viruses and diseases. Grateful, I left the tiny ladybug to the work of protecting our plants from disease.

So often I’ve prayed and asked what I, just one person, can do to remove the dis-ease of evil and hate in our world. God knew my heart ached over the recent police killing of Tyre Nichols in Memphis. As a highly sensitive person and empath, I couldn’t watch the video of the horrific attack that ended Tyre’s life. I knew if I did, I wouldn’t sleep for days and felt helpless and ashamed. I wanted to do more, but my stomach turned just reading the news headline.

God reminded me even if I am just one person—I can use what I am born to do to decrease the pestilence of hate and violence in our world. I can remind readers everyone has a gift, and God equips us to use our gifts to bring Heaven to Earth.

One ladybug may not remove all the life-sucking pests, but more ladybugs and flourishing plants will soon fill our yard. I may not bring peace and love into the world alone, but I can write and encourage you to use your gifts to make a difference. Then together we can rid the world of hate and violence, and finally see “God’s Kingdom Come, God’s will be done… on Earth, as it is in Heaven.”  

To prayerfully consider:

What unique gift is God calling you to use to change the world? How is God calling you to use that gift? Please share, I would love to read your answers!

2 responses to “One Ladybug”

  1. I chose not to watch it either for similar reasons. We need a herd (flock? Pod? Swarm? Pride? Fleet?) of ladybugs!

    Just found out: A group of ladybugs is called a “loveliness.”. 😀

    Still not sure how God can use my interesting gifts, but they’re His to use if He will.


    • Thanks Therese. A swarm of ladybugs…a loveliness. A swarm of love instead of hate would be lovely indeed! I believe God is already using your gifts and will continue to do so. ❤️


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